The O'Leary Entanglement


Attending the Advanced Naval Communications School (ANCS), Lt. Barbara O'Leary intends to develop her profes­sional skills and cast aside her 'Plain Jane' per­sona. However, Kirsten, who earns her living as an 'inti­mate com­panion'; Simon, a corrupt businessman; and Captain Lemaire, the ANCS chief with wandering eyes disrupt Barbara's plans. Soon she finds herself caught up in a bizarre under­cover investi­gation directed by Roger Bockman, an overly ambi­tious DOJ attorney. A holiday trip to discover Simon's bosses gives Ahmed, Barbara's half-brother and terrorist mastermind, his opportunity to strike, first, in the Guate­malan jungle, and, later, in East Texas. 

In The O'Leary Entanglement terror­ism, corruption, lust, and mari­tal infidelity inexorably transform Barbara's per­sonal growth opportunity into an adven­ture that threatens her career, her reputation, and her very existence. 

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Review Excerpts

Wonderfully written, this book was an absolute pleasure to read. ... The OnlineBookClub

 I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of this storyline, as well as the character development. ... The OnlineBookClub

... delivers action and suspense, led by a steadfast and unusual protagonist. ... Kirkus Review

 Hey Robert, what a tale! I'm gathering since the ending didn't return full-circle to the framing device you began with, there's more of this adventure to come--I hope so, anyway! You're a gifted writer, and this was a gripping MS. Well done!  ... First Editing

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